Why You Should Supervise an Office365 Environment


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Full SaaS application environments, such as Office365, will occasionally ask users about the benefits of supervision. Most think: “In the event of a breakdown/unavailability of a service, I have no control over the situation. So why supervise it?” 

Supervising an Office365 environment isn’t about having control in the event of a service breakdown, it’s about taking a proactive approach to mitigating issues, monitoring product usage, providing communication, and improving company efficiency.   

Supervise usage indicators 

Use case: Your organization is looking to cut expenses and wants to measure the use of licenses, mailboxes, and other Office365 components, to appropriately evaluate which tools can be upgraded and which are no longer needed.  

Some service models to help you: 

  • Teams activity: MS-Office365-Teams-UserActivity / MS-Office365-Teams-ConferencesUsage / MS-Office365-Teams-P2PUsage 
  • Exchange mailbox activity: MS-Office365-Exchange-MailboxesActivity / MS-Office365-Exchange-InactiveMailboxes 
  • Use of licenses: check_office365_licences 
  • Generic querying of any Office365 metric (EasyVista’s service model): Office365-Generic 

Monitor commitments & improve service quality 

Use case: You have signed service commitments (SLAs) with customers/users, so now you have to follow them within EV Observe – which hinges on your Office365 environment.  

The unavailability of this environment (Office365) would impact the SLA and must be shared as soon as possible with team members. Communication with users via the service weather forecast, email channel and other means is of the utmost importance, so escalation procedures must be possible without waiting for user feedback from the helpdesk center. Proactive alerts can be sent out to users when mailbox quotas are being approached – which can promote a quota increase or help set up an archiving policy within the organization.  

Some service models to help you: 

  • Health/Service Status: MS-Office365-Status 
  • Mailbox saturation (quota): check_o365exchange_mailboxquota 
  • Generic querying of any Office365 metric (EasyVista’s service model): Office365-Generic 

Improve your supervision with EV Observe’s service models – which can all be found in the Plugins Catalog.