The Friday Roundup – YouTube Editing Tips and Sports Highlights

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Cartoon woman shocked at how simple editing hacks are.

Editing Hacks YouTubers Use To Hook You

Came across this video through the week and thought it was pretty good!

One of the keys to success on YouTube is watch time and holding your viewers attention is vital if you want to convert that to watch time.

Depending on the type of video you are creating there is a sweet spot when it comes to editing wizzbangery that you should always be trying to find.

A lot of it probably comes down to editing tricks that are appropriate to both the subject you are covering and the audience you are addressing.

Check out the video and you will see what I mean.

Preview – YouTube’s Newest Features for 2024

Recently YouTube hosted an invite only seminar for selected YouTube Creators showcasing current and future developments for that platform.

In the video below you can get all the latest from Daniel Batal just after having attended the meet up.

Some of these features are being rolled out now and some are soon to be released.

The value in this video for me is that it is not a gushing recap on what was revealed but a more measured approach to each new feature and how useful it actually will be.

How to promote a YouTube channel?

A great YouTube tutorial video this week from the guys at Movavi that is both actionable and up-to-date.

Pay particular attention to the first tip regarding the new thumbnails in YouTube.

YouTube are rolling out a feature you may have seen where static thumbnails are being replaced with a 20 second thumbnail sized video preview.

By default the audio is switched off but the user can choose to switch it on.

This new presentation of “live” video thumbnails somewhat changes the game when it comes to designing a thumbnail for you video.

Yes you still need to have an attractive thumbnail but it is vital that the first 20 seconds roll with something that is visually appealing to get that click.

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How to Create Jaw-dropping Sports Highlights – Wondershare Filmora 12

Very often you may see quite dynamic videos in short form on platforms like TikTok and from the outside they seem very complex.

The reality is that although they may look that way, very often they are utilizing quite simple techniques to pull them off.

Check out this video from Filmora demystifying some of the more common effects you may have seen.

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Filmora Tips for Beginners:Adding Text to Video like a Pro

A bit of a back to basics tutorial from Jacky this week covering adding text to a video in Filmora.

Within Filmora there are quite a few choices you can make regarding tailoring titles to what you want.

On a more basic level of approaching the situation you can start by choosing a text template or you can start from scratch and modify from there.

PowerDirector – How to Scroll Text Across the Screen Without Using Keyframes

There are a gazillion preset title templates within PowerDirector that can all be customized at least to some degree.

The beauty of these presets once you find ones you like is that they can save you so much time rather than as the title says, futzing about with keyframes!

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DaVinci Resolve 18.6 Finally has GIFs + Free Looping Plugin

Given the fact that DaVinci Resolve was always aimed at the professional end of the market, very often it couldn’t do what consumer level software could do.

A perfect example of this is GIFs.

Up until the recent 18.5 release you couldn’t import or export to the GIF format.

With 18.6 only just released they have now added support for GIFs but with no support for looping.

So in the video below you can see all about it but also see in action a free plugin you can use to not only loop a GIF but exercise a good deal of control over them from within Resolve.

You can download the plugin for free here: Free GIF Plugin for Resolve https://stirlingsupply.co/products/looping-gif-generator

But while you are over there you may want to check out his other free plugins because some of them are very useful.

Custom Drawing Tools in Fusion – DaVinci Resolve Vector Art Hack!

Another in the series from Casey Faris covering just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Fusion Page in DaVinci Resolve.

This time we get into a little artwork and make a sort of layered Vector alternative.