Stefan Kempter on What is YaSM, Yet Another Service Management Model

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In the dynamic field of IT Service Management (ITSM), innovation takes center stage through groundbreaking ITSM frameworks. YaSM, Yet Another Service Management Model, is one such remarkable approach that stands as a beacon of simplicity and adaptability.

In the 69th episode of Ticket Volume, our host and InvGate Product Specialist, Matt Beran, dives into a captivating conversation with the visionary behind YaSM – none other than Stefan Kempter himself. Renowned for his contributions to both the YaSM Service Management Model and ITIL Process Maps, Stefan unravels a wealth of insights.

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Exploring IT Process Maps and the ITIL Wiki

The conversation begins with an exploration of IT Process Maps and the ITIL Wiki, co-created by Stefan Kempter. The first question that arises is, How is it possible to freely share such valuable content? Kempter explains that while certain content may be protected by intellectual property rights, ideas and methodologies cannot be patented. This is the basis for IT Process Maps—providing clear, unpatented guidance on IT processes to benefit the community.

Stefan highlights the importance of openly sharing knowledge within the IT and Service Management industry. IT Process Maps has become a reliable reference for countless professionals, with 5,000 daily visitors seeking to understand and implement IT processes effectively.

What is YaSM, Yet Another Service Management Model?

The conversation then shifts to Kempter’s other significant contribution—the YaSM (Yet Another Service Management) Framework. Stefan reveals that YaSM was born out of a desire to simplify the complex landscape of IT Service Management. While ITIL provides valuable guidance, it is often seen as overly intricate. YaSM Framework aimed to offer a more straightforward, adaptable approach for organizations.



“The idea for YaSM was born because a lot of people said, couldn’t we have something a bit simpler, something that helps us implement the key elements of a good service system, that we can expand? We don’t want to start with something complex. And to let it find out where are the things that we need. We want something a bit simpler that we can expand, that we can more easily adapt to the needs of our organization.”

Moe Sulliman
Founder and Managing Director of IT Process Maps GbR, Germany
Episode 69 of Ticket Volume


YaSM is not just about processes; it’s about providing a structured and streamlined description of these processes. It allows organizations to start with a foundation and expand as needed, making it a versatile tool for those looking to enhance their Service Management practices.

When organizations invest in YaSM, they gain access to a comprehensive toolkit. The framework offers a collection of documents like templates and resources designed to simplify and enhance Service Management. In addition, it provides a connection to support and guidance. Kempter is there to answer questions, whether they are technical or revolve around process design decisions. 



“What we tried is more like a tool for getting started. You could use it in combination with ITIL, VeriSM, whatever. There is a lot of guidance, there is more guidance, much more guidance there than in product. But we give you a certain skeleton that you can start with, and you can use these other frameworks to find additional guidance, and you can then modify and build upon these processes.”

Moe Sulliman
Founder and Managing Director of IT Process Maps GbR, Germany
Episode 69 of Ticket Volume


Kempter mentions that the framework has gained traction in various organizations, including universities. It is well-received for its practicality and adaptability, with around a thousand organizations using it.

Advice to fellow process enthusiasts

For those who share Stefan’s passion for the intricacies of processes, he offers some valuable guidance. He emphasizes that individuals interested in process management should possess a specific personality type. Successful process managers often exhibit introverted tendencies, as they dedicate a significant amount of time to meticulous documentation and the creation of diagrams. However, a degree of extroversion is essential for those working within organizations. These individuals catalyze change, engage with people, and facilitate collaboration.

Finally, Stefan underscores the importance of making processes accessible and easily digestible. Visual aids, such as diagrams and graphical representations, can significantly enhance their implementation and discussions. The ultimate goal is to enable individuals to grasp and comprehend processes quickly, thus fostering improved adoption and engagement.

To recap

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