Source Code For Sale At US$4000


A threat actor has claimed to be selling the source code of Celcom, Malaysia’s oldest mobile telecommunications provider, for US$4000.

The ominous announcement of a cyberattack on Celcom sent ripples through the cybersecurity community, raising concerns about the potential impact on the company and its users.

As of now, no additional details regarding the cyberattack on Celcom have been disclosed by the threat actor.

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Cyberattack on Celcom: In Detail

The Cyber Express Team, in an effort to verify the authenticity of the Celcom cyberattack claim, reached out to officials. However, at the time of writing this news report, no response has been received from the company, leaving the situation shrouded in uncertainty.

Cyberattack on Celcom
Source: DailyDarkWeb

If the claim is proven true, the implications of cyberattack on Celcom could be significant. The sale of source code poses a serious threat to Celcom’s security infrastructure, potentially compromising sensitive information and exposing the company and its users to various risks.

A Global Tread

This revelation comes on the heels of a cyberattack on the Spanish unit of Orange, a telecommunications giant, which experienced disruptions in its internet services in the first week of January. The incident prompted Orange to address the concerns through its X account on Twitter, with users from various networks reporting connectivity issues.

This incident also adds to the growing list of cyberattacks targeting telecommunications companies globally. Just recently, Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest telecommunications company, fell victim to a cyberattack, resulting in widespread disruptions to phone and internet services.

In November of the previous year, Optus, Australia’s second-largest telecommunications provider, faced a severe communication crisis due to a widespread outage. While initial speculations pointed to a cyberattack, the company later disclosed the actual cause behind the disruption, dispelling concerns.

The recurring nature of such cyber incidents is raising pertinent questions about the overall cybersecurity resilience of the global telecommunications industry.

Stakeholders are urging companies to enhance their cybersecurity measures to mitigate the growing threats and safeguard the integrity of their services.

In a bid to gauge the severity of the situation, the global cybersecurity community is closely monitoring developments surrounding Celcom. The silence from Celcom officials adds to the growing uncertainty, leaving users and industry experts anxious about the potential fallout.

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