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When I’m teaching a VMware training course, I often use Excalidraw as a tool for creating online whiteboard sessions. There was a good use case for this tool during the COVID-19 period, when most training courses were delivered online through Zoom or WebEX.

But nowadays, when I’m teaching a training course at an onsite training facility, I’m still using Excalidraw as my whiteboard tool, even when I can use a normal whiteboard with real markers instead.

Compared to a real physical whiteboard, Excalidraw still offers some great benefits; like drag-and-drop, elaborate and sharing the created whiteboard sessions. Those tasks can be performed much easier when working with a virtual whiteboard.

Recently Oliver Draghi introduced a new plug-in, especially targeted at VMware architecture icons. He did a great job creating whiteboard elements like networks, routers, databases, racks and much more. This plug-in is freely available, you can use it in Excalidraw with a simple click of a button.

I’ve created a short video to demo this plug-in within an Excalidraw whiteboard session.



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