Epiphan Pearl Mini Exceeds Expectations! Higher Education Technology M

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Get ready to dive into the exciting world of higher education technology as Epiphan Pearl clinches the highly coveted “Exceeds Expectations” rating from The Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance (HETMA). In this illuminating blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the reasons behind Pearl’s exceptional recognition by HETMA. Explore the array of features and functionalities that position Epiphan Pearl as the preferred choice among educational technology managers. Come along with us on a journey to uncover what makes Pearl truly stand out and discover how it has the potential to revolutionize technology-driven experiences within the realm of higher education. Make sure not to miss out on these insights that could reshape the technological landscape of your institution!

Faculty friendly, IT approved
Epiphan makes video capture and streaming content simple, so faculty can focus on teaching.

Experience no-touch capture
With our no-touch video capture, faculty can focus on their students – not technology. Epiphan also works seamlessly with your schedule, recording locally and pushing content to the cloud.

Elevate the student experience
Give remote students the same, superior experience they would expect in the classroom with high-definition, multi-camera video and high-fidelity audio.

Make your investments smarter
Get real time visibility and control over every video and audio signal on campus, all from the cloud, plus seamless integration with Q-SYS, Crestron, or Extron systems

Your faculty and IT team are busy
Make their jobs easier with a smart lecture capture system that everyone can agree on

Build a lab
Start with a pilot to evaluate how Epiphan solutions works with every investment you’ve already made.

Measure success
See firsthand the level of engagement your students have with the content, and notice faculty requesting more lecture capture.

Scale across campus
With powerful tools like Epiphan Edge™ managing your rooms from the cloud, scaling across campus will be a breeze – even for a small team.

Meet your new teaching assistant, Pearl Mini
Small but mighty, this award-winning device will simplify video capture, enhancing, streaming, and recording across campus.

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