10+ Invideo Alternatives: Toolbox Upgrade

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For those looking for a novice-friendly, meanwhile, robust video editor, InVideo is a well-established industry player. Users and independent reviewers constantly praise its friendly interface and extensive library of editing features.

You can edit multiple clips on the same screen at the same time. Dig deeper into its advanced editor to find Effects, Shapes, Enhancers, Stickers, and other features to make your video look stunning. 

InVideo also wins the hearts of users with superb customer care. 24/7 world-class support team is always ready to help you (most 2023 reviews revealed very quick response time from the support crew). Added free access to a Facebook community of InVideo.io, the company completely immerses its users into a bigger support ecosystem.

Nonetheless, every platform has its rough edges, and some InVideo gaps prompt users to switch to InVideo alternatives for a better experience.


Why Look for InVideo Alternatives?

So, where does InVideo fall short, and why do many users like you look for other sites like InVideo? Though we can’t cover every single issue, here are some common drawbacks mentioned more often by the users.


Free Version Does Not Support Video Export

“For anyone who wishes to try video editor,” – says InVideo when introducing its free plan, and it seems they really mean just trying it. There is no video export allowance for the free plan. Meanwhile, other websites like InVideo usually support download options.

For free plans, some competitors may limit the number of video exports, force you to get only a watermark video, or leave you with a lower resolution. Anyways, you’ll be able to get at least a basic copy of the video.


There Are Common Lags When Uploading Media

In the interest of fairness, we should state that many video editors slow down when importing media files, especially large-size ones. Still, as this was often reported by the InVideo users as an issue, it’s worth mentioning here.


You’d Better Use InVideo with Google Chrome 

Longer legs are reported when using InVideo in Firefox, Safari, or any other browser except Google Chrome. The platform is not fully compatible with other browsers, and if you’re accustomed to other web surfers, you may find it very inconvenient.

On the other hand, Google Chrome dominates around 65% of the desktop market share, and for many of us, it’s the only browser installed on our computers. So, you’re likely already using Chrome, so this issue may not be a deal breaker.


10+ InVideo Alternatives You Cannot Afford Neglecting

Note! InVideo alternatives presented below are mostly selected based on the experience of users and their shared opinions on publicly available sources and, as such, may change over time. The article aims to accumulate user feedback about different software like InVideo in one place to help readers make informed decisions.


1. Renderforest

Renderforest homepage

Say hello to Renderforest’s video editor – a comprehensive, all-inclusive InVideo alternative. It’s your ultimate hub to produce videos of any type and complexity, such as intros, explainers, animations, promotional videos, music visualizations, and more!

Editing experience in Renderforest is the best of both worlds – a feature-packed editor is made very accessible with drag-and-drop functionality. This means to make all the complex changes to your video, like adding transitions, replacing scenes, trimming, or merging clips, you will need to drag and drop the elements across the timeline.


Drag and drop edit

What about choosing the right style and structure for your video? There are two ways to do that – both simplified to the utmost.

Choose one of the thousands of industry and topic-specific templates. Just search the video type (birthday congratulation, corporate presentation, new product launch, etc.) in Renderforest’s robust template library and find the perfect template for you. Each template has a different number of ready-to-use scenes, which you can customize in minutes to get a unique video.


Renderforest project template

Ask Renderforest’s AI to help. Not sure which style matches you the most? Renderforest’s AI-powered assistant will help you by looking at your video script. Type the general idea of the video you want to create and see which pre-made templates AI suggests.


Edit template renderforest


Online Video Maker

Check the largest collection of studio-quality video templates of Renderfores’ts online video editor. Many users report finalizing their video in up to 30 minutes, with all the details customized to their liking.

If you wonder how that superfast creation process is possible, here’s the answer.

Every template is initially made with a psychologically influential color preset designed to evoke the needed feelings in your audience. Though you can always customize the color scheme, you can be confident the chosen ones are already proven to work in case you’re short of time to change them.

Further, you can upload your own music track or choose one from a library of pre-licensed audio tracks. Want to add an extra layer of authenticity with a voiceover? Upload your voice to Renderforest, record it right in the app, or use Renderforest’s voiceover feature to read your provided script (no robot-like voices here, you choose the language, gender, accent, and speed of the voiceover).


Renderforest video editor


YouTube Intro Maker

Great news! Renderforest perfectly speaks the language of the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube. And if it’s that stellar moment in your life you’ve decided to strike a new path and start your own YouTube channel, congratulations!

You have a huge collection of YouTube intros and outros from Renderforest – all designed according to the best YouTube standards, such as length, resolution, audio, and more.

Here are the top 10 templates that are ahead of the competition regarding viewers’ reactions.

So, you know what should be done.

  1. Choose a template suitable to the blogging style you’ve picked.
  2. Customize absolutely anything you want, from color palettes to transitions and text animations.
  3. Get the high-resolution video in just a few minutes and publish it on YouTube with no blogger block spikes.

Here’s a more detailed guide on creating a YouTube intro with Renderforest:


Video Animation Software

And… we saved the best for last. What about creating the trendiest 2D, 3D, and dynamic animation videos with zero skills in animation?

In Renderforest, the complex process of making animation videos is similar to the simple drag-and-drop process described above. The heavy lifting is done by Renderforest’s animation video maker. You have templates with the most robust animation tools to save time and energy while making a high-quality video.

All in all, Renderforest can be the InVideo alternative you’ve been looking for due to its large selection of templates, eye-catchy design and top-notch animations. And you’ll have far fewer restrictions on the devices of browsers you use with it, as the platform works just fine in every browser + its mobile app, available for iOS and Android, allows for video creation on the go.


Try render forest now for free


2. CapCut 

Capcut video editing app

If you’ve been looking for InVideo competitors because you needed a more commercial-oriented video editor – meet CapCut. Though this InVideo alternative offers a template for different industries and occasions, it’s best at providing music, stickers, effects, and other special ad filters.

If you had issues with InVideo lags and a slow editing process, you’d be pleased to discover CapCut’s desktop app, which guarantees a more stable performance than the web version.

Coming to features of this alternative to Invideo. There are quite impressive editing tools you’d find here. For example, you can upload your own footage and remove the original background of your shooted video, replacing it with any other background you choose.

Further, you can upscale images to increase their quality, use AI color correction for better color grading, and even generate portraits based on your videos.

Need a stronger video? Move to more robust editing tricks of CapCut. Use text reveal effect to make any writing appear on the screen as someone moves or says it. Use the fake camera movement effects inspired by Hollywood movies to add depth and perspective. Lastly, add a white effect to your videos for a more mystique look.

InVideo also recognizes your voice (supports up to 10 languages) and generates accurate captions as you talk. This significantly helps with tutorials, lectures, reviews, or any other type of videos that aim to teach something.

Finally, you can create a CapCut team space and invite collaborators to work on the same video project together—a good feature, especially for big projects requiring multiple hands.


3. Veed 

Veed video editing

We’re warming up, introducing you to Veed with its smart features of automatic subtitles, advanced text reviewers, trackable CTAs, video performance analytics, and more!

Starting from scratch, you can customize video templates to create your unique content or record your screen, slides, and webcam for another level of interaction. In case you want a golden middle between animated templates and you are speaking directly to the camera, you can use the text-to-speech function with Veed’s imagery to get a more realistic video while being fast and convenient to make.

If you love captions, there are many ways to add them in Veed. As the fastest option, you can refer to its automated subtitling tool, which supports 109+ languages. And worry not about the text accuracy. The refined text reviewer will highlight any words that seem to be misspelled or pronounced incorrectly so you can correct them.

There is also plenty of video export formats. With this InVideo alternative, you can download your videos (or only subtitles) in multiple formats, including SRT and VTT. You can also share your finalized video material via email or LinkedIn or get a shareable link to embed your video on websites.

And sure, you want to see how your video performed after going live. That’s why you can add trackable CTAs in Veed to see who clicked on them and when. There is also granular analytics showing how many people have watched your video or skipped certain parts.


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4. Animoto

Animoto creature prof videos

Among apps like InVideo, there is Animoto – another friendly video editor with a rich stock of Getty images, videos, licensed music tracks, motion graphics, and more.

What can grasp your attention first here is that the platform is well-suited for brand consistency. You can upload all your brand elements to Animoto, such as your preferred fonts, colors, logos, and styling elements, to create brand templates.

Further, all your created video content will automatically adhere to the brand templates you created, keeping the video style and look consistent without time-consuming manual adjustments.

Regarding brand consistency and team collaboration, Animoto is a welcoming place to work with others. You can invite several collaborators to join the same project, add time-stamped comments to the same video, reply to feedback in real time, and more.

With a joint video editing workspace, you can improve your team’s workflow, reduce editing time and easily make changes to any element.

Done with your video? Love its final look and ready to share it with the world? Export it in 1080p to multiple digital channels. Animoto has integrated social sharing, embedding, and email tools that significantly simplify video distribution.

If you need help with your editing process, there is a strong customer support system to rely on. Additionally, you can join the “Animoto Social Video Marketing Community” on Facebook to get more tips or ideas from professionals.


5. Canva

Create professional designs

Moving on, Canva is another InVideo alternative you should consider. It’s one of the design industry giants, offering any visuals for social media, web, print and video from scratch.

First, it comes with several templates for different video types. Whether you want to create product demos, how-to explainers, or posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitch, Canva has all the platform-specific dimensions already set up, so you can start immediately caring only about the design of your videos.

Canva is equipped with all the video editing tools you need. Using the built-in timeline, you can trim videos effortlessly with just a few clicks. There is also an array of video animations to choose from – all designed with the most fresh trends and modern looks.

We can’t skip the robust library of audio tracks. Not just a small library of a few tracks, but a genuine audio stock with thousands of different soundtracks and voiceovers, Canva is one of the most convenient places for audio search.

Finally, you can autoplay, loop and adjust video speed, add subtitles and even save your videos in multiple aspect ratios for social media. For example, for YouTube, Canva has special templates, banner art, icons and thumbnails exclusively customized for this platform.

Similarly, there are special video templates for other social networks, with every template being a unique combination of design elements, dimensions and fonts.


 6. Filmora

Make creative videos

Let’s discover another software like InVideo recently upgraded with some cool effects above the standard editing toolset. We’re talking about Filmora, also known as Wondershare Filmora, with its impressive array of animated titles, transitions, motion elements, and more on the list.

From templates to effects, there is everything you can think of in Filmora. And with its latest join with ChatGPT, the AI Copywriter helps you generate texts for videos without needing to write them by hand or joggle between different platforms for content generation.

So, what are the new features that this InVideo alternative has just rolled out? Let’s start with the recently launched draw mask feature, which allows you to highlight any object in the video, even with the most complex shapes. Further, your highlighted object can be edited separately from all the other elements of the scene. For example, you can animate your laptop in front of you in the video without moving the rest of the background elements.

What else? There’s also a smart cutout feature, a tool that allows you to separate any object(s) you want from the background and overlay it on any other video scene. It can even be you, cut out from your office video and placed in the virtual world.

Lastly, if you loved a music track for your video but it’s shorter than your video, Filmora provides an AI audio stretcher to extend the track. This feature will artificially match the track’s tempo to your video’s length, adding more harmony and smoothness to the content.


7. WeVideo

Wevideo homepage

Time to explore InVideo competitors that can be useful for those in the education sphere. If you’d love to create interactive video lessons and other educational materials that come with engagement tracking of learners, welcome to WeVideo. This InVideo alternative provides great control over video content, especially when working in teams.

Actually, WeVideo templates are not limited to education only. However, it has many interactive video features that can be helpful, especially for e-learning tasks.

For example, you can easily add multiple-choice questions, polls, fill-in-the-blanks, and similar elements to your videos. That way, you can check if learners understood the video material and measure their progress over time.

Additionally, you can create and share live lessons, where learners can respond to questions in real-time from any device. This tactic is proven to boost engagement and improve follow-up with learners and can help you track your educational materials’ effectiveness.

It’s not just real-time user responses that allow you to track user feedback. There is immediate performance and behavior-based video data accumulated over time to give you a better understanding of users’ experiences. That’s a good opportunity to understand how your target audience interacts with the video material and remediate plans, address learner deficiencies or create new content to engage them further.

One more great news for educators, WeVideo integrates with many popular learning management systems. If you’re used to working with Canvas, Schoology, ClassLink, and similar platforms, you can use WeVideo just as easily with them. It’s a great opportunity to make your content more engaging and interactive.


8. Lumen5

Lumen5 edit videos online

Looking for sites like InVideo that support content repurposing? A blog-to-video automatic transformation is one of the hottest features of Lumen5, allowing you to save time significantly on video script writing.

So, what can Lumen5 do? It uses specially trained AI and machine learning schemes to turn blogs, whitepapers, or any other final written content you have into professional-looking videos. If your written text is already published somewhere, you can pop in a published link to your content. If it’s not yet, you can copy and paste your text into Lumen5 to kickstart the process.

Not later than 5 seconds, you’ll get a raw video draft with slides and voiceover already generated. Based on the provided text, Lumen5’s AI will match each scene with relevant stock footage. The scene timings will be algorithmically calculated to fit a human’s average reading speed accurately.

Want more live video content featuring your or other team members on the screen? Lumen5 is also a good place to record and edit talking head videos. Once the rough self-recording is ready, you can easily play with visual overlays, such as adding callouts, cutaways to b-roll, etc.

In short, it’s a good InVideo alternative to create high-quality videos from existing content of any type quickly.


9. Pictory 

Pictory video creator

Well, we’ve found some very straightforward video editing features in Pictory that most of you would love. You’ll like this, especially if you specialize in short videos and snippets that cut straight to the chase with no extra frills.

So, Pictory allows you to edit your video by editing the text that is overlaid on the video. You can upload any video here and use the auto-transcription feature to transcribe the audio in the video.

Once the transcript is ready, you can edit it – like deleting some words or sentences, highlighting certain parts, etc. The magic thing is when you edit any word in the text, the system finds a corresponding video scene where that word was pronounced and edits it to fit your new edited text. That way, you can save time manually cutting scenes or learning how to use the editing software.

Pictory is also a good summarizer of long-form videos, Zoom, or webinar recordings that do not fit Instagram’s 1-minute time limit. All you need is to upload your long videos to the platform and let AI extract the key moments from them. Then, you need to make the necessary tweaks and trim the video down to any desired duration.


10. Wave.video

Wave video homepage

Coming to another robust InVideo alternative, Wave.video is quite universal regarding video editing and related capabilities it provides. From basic video recording and editing to more robust video hosting and password-protected sharing, it has everything you need to create a unique business-oriented video experience.

Let’s explore the basics first. Wave.video can be a good place to organize live streams – alone or with invited guests. Whether you want to record podcasts, interviews, or any other video-based conversation, Wave. a video is a well-oiled machine that does the job fast.

Once your live stream is ready, play with an animated text generator, subtitler, video collage maker, and other video editing features of the platform to bring it to the next level. You can turn any rough video draft into a professional-looking clip with zest and animation in no time.

What else? When your videos are ready, you can keep them in Wave. video’s reliable hosting with a password-protected system. This allows you to fully control the viewer access and securely share the videos with whoever you want. You can create the password and the message that will pop up whenever someone tries to play your video.

A pleasant bonus is the platform allows you to create engaging video thumbnails. You can cut a scene from the video or upload any image to Wave.video. Further, with the editing tools like background remover, layouts, text, and other elements, you can turn it into an eye-catching thumbnail in no time.

The good part is that your thumbnail will be stylistically consistent with the video, giving your clips a unified visual feel.


11. Descript

Fun video and podcast editor

Ok, one more, and we’re done. Descript is closing the list of InVideo alternatives we can recommend to you. This platform is like a full-fledged audio and video studio for all your post-production needs. It stands on two main claims – podcasting and video editing. If you’re interested in combining these two, even better. Descript can save you a lot of time and energy on that.

As a video editor, Descript is working just fine. AI-powered green screen, transitions, effects, and animations – it has all the essentials that most apps like InVideo provide. Similar to Wave.video, Descript allows you to edit videos by text or by scene.

Considering the platform automatically generates the transcript of your videos while you record them, editing by text is the best way here.

Moving to powerful voiceover features, Descript allows you to create a clone of your recorded voice. You can be pleasantly surprised at how close to the original can this generated version be. Further, you can type a new script for the cloned voice to read and get an authentic-sounding narration in no time.

When your video is done, you can export it faster than with many other InVideo competitors. And if you want more advanced video editing, Descript videos can be easily moved to Final Cut Pro, Adobe apps, and other pro platforms.


Final Thoughts

With so many features presented, it’s hard to conclude the best InVideo alternative for you. The choice hardly depends on the type of video you want to create and the overall goals you have for it.

As for the comprehensive platforms, Renderforest can be one of your leading choices in the niche. It expands to every design need you may have in the video (and not only) production process. From graphics and branding to animations, music, and sound effects – Renderforest has it all. So, you can cover every content production and video marketing step from one platform without switching to other apps.

Renderforest CTA banner video creator